About 'Ear Sense' - Catherine Mills

Ear Sense evolved out of a passion for all things ears and hearing.

I studied at the University of Manchester undertaking a BA(Hons) Human Communication and Communication Disorders and MSc in Audiological Science.  In January 2000, I joined the Audiology team at Kings College Hospital in London, a great first step into this exciting field.  I stayed there for a couple of years before moving to the large internationally recognised hearing Implant and audiology teams at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospitals in London.  I remained there until the end of the summer of 2017. 

A move to the New Forest with my young family in 2017 led to a desire to redress my work-life balance.  My passion for all things ears remains and my desire to help people has been the driving force in the conception of 'Ear Sense'. 

My NHS career spanned 18 years and my interests and my specialist roles included assessment and rehabilitation of adults referred for Hearing Implants including: Cochlear Implants; Middle Ear Implants, Bone Conducting Implants and Auditory Brainstem Implants.  I am also experienced in adult and paediatric hearing assessments and adult hearing rehabilitation.  I have fitted a wide range of digital hearing aids and also CROS and BI-CROS hearing systems for single-sided deafness.  Vestibular Assessments, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and Obscure Auditory Dysfunction Assessments were also a large part of my clinical role.

I have been lucky to work with some exceptional professionals in these exciting fields and have been actively involved in many exciting pieces of research which have led to published papers and an opportunity to present at International Conferences.  

Professional Registrations and Memberships:

The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists - RCCP

Health & Care Professions Council - HCPC - HAD

British Academy Of Audiology - BAA

British Society of Audiology - BSA

British Tinnitus Association - BTA


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