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"I would highly recommend this treatment for removing ear wax. I was so pleased with the results."

Diana Cairns

28th July 2021




"I would highly recommend Ear Sense. Catherine took wonderful care of my Grandmother. The difference it has made to her quality of life being able to hear properly again once all the wax was removed and allowing her hearing aids to function properly is immeasurable. I would not hesitate to return if we required care in the future."


28th July 2021

"Excellent service, lovingly careful and gentle, expert, very much recommended. Chris"


27th July 2021

"My visit to Catherine’s clinic to have two earfuls of wax removed by micro-suction was everything I had hoped for: I came out able to hear clearly once again! Catherine explained in simply terms how the procedure would be performed and her approach throughout was friendly yet professional. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants advice or information about hearing problems, or treatment for these, in her ‘Ear Sense’ clinic."

Joyce Kolaczkowski

18th July 2021

"Excellent service and advice in professional setting."

Susanna Weiner

5th July 2021

"I chose to visit Ear Sense following what felt like a slow deterioration in my hearing over the last few years in certain situations. Catherine was very both very welcoming and professional throughout. She asked a series of targeted questions about my hearing experience, undertook a comprehensive physical examination and a set of hearing tests. Throughout the process she provided thorough and detailed insight about the ear itself, the hearing process and my specific situation in clear language and with pictures and live video! She followed this up with a detailed but vey clear report covering the current 'state' of my hearing and future recommendations. I am very glad I chose Catherine at Ear Sense as I feel completely informed and confident, having benefitted from a very knowledgeable and professional service delivered in a good environment in a very pleasant and considerate manner."

Neil Devlin

4th July 2021




"First rate treatment - would not hesitate to recommend."


Alex Macintyre

2nd July 2021

"Katie was professional and courteous all the way through and instantly put me at ease. It was great to hear again!"

Maria Nelson

1st July 2021

"Catherine at Earsense is absolutely amazing, myself and my daughter have both visited, she is welcoming extremely professional and put my very nervous daughter at ease within minutes of her appointment, so thorough and explained everything in so much detail. Highly recommended 👌🏼"

Amy Adams

16th March 2021

"Catherine was so professional. The whole experience was painless, quick and handled in an extremely calm, confident way.  She kept checking in with me so I felt comfortable with the micro-suction method she used. I came out with crisp stereo sound! Highly recommend it and now wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

Marianna Brain

16th March 2021

"Catherine was extremely kind, professional and reassuring. It was the first time I have had to have microsuction of impacted wax in both ears, maybe not the last!!. I can now hear again, a job very well done, thank you."

Sandy Holloway

15th March 2021

"Catherine is very professional in dealing with her clients and is keen to ensure that you understand exactly what is happening. Her surgery is immaculate. I visited for ear wax removal and , when I need my ears testing I will go to her. I feel very confident in her ability and would not hesitate to recommend Ear Sense. Her prices are very fair."

John Woodhead

31st January 2021

"A very professional visit, both my father & I felt safe and comfortable visiting Catherine, who took a lot of trouble to write everything down for my father, who was unable to hear. We would be happy to visit Ear Sense again."

Lynn Wilson

28th January 2021

"I was very happy with your excellent and professional services and will be returning."

Joseph Bondin

28th January 2021

"I had my first appointment at Ear Sense this week with Catherine Mills. Everything was very carefully prepared for a safe entrance into the building given the continued presence of coronavirus in our midst. Once up the rather steep stairs, we entered the room where my ear wax treatment was to take place. The entire carpet was covered in plastic sheeting and all the equipment had been newly cleaned. Catherine made sure to stand more than 2 metres away from me while she explained clearly and in detail what would be happening during the appointment. As I had tried microsuction before, I was not at all worried about the suction noise or the slightly longer than expected removal of one particularly stubborn plug of wax! Catherine worked very gently and calmly throughout, and was happy to stop the suction regularly as needed. Once the wax has been successfully removed, there is that wonderful sense of 'emptiness', visibly confirmed on a screen for you, and of course the reality of much-improved hearing! I would definitely go back and see Catherine again: she is extremely pleasant and very professional."

Kathryn Shields

28th January 2021

"Was so impressed with Ear Sense. Catherine explained the procedure so clearly, I even got to watch what was going on inside my ears , fascinating!! The whole environment was very safe & COVID friendly and I can hear properly again, will be going back every so often for ear health maintenance."

Carolyn Drake

10th November 2020

"Catherine explained the comprehensive steps being taken to ensure a Covid secure appointment in a modern, clean, sanitised environment.
She used a video camera linked to a laptop to show the problem areas and then quickly and efficiently removed the problem wax with microsuction. The procedure was gentle and pain free, resulting in clear ear canals and restored hearing."

Simon Cole

7th November 2020

"On entering Catherine took my temperature, everything was extremely Covid friendly. The whole procedure was carried out gently and professionally. Catherine was patient and friendly and did a great job.
so good to hear again!"

Anne Card

2nd November 2020

"Recently made my second visit to Ear Sense at the Wessex Clinic in Lymington. I continue to be impressed with Catherine Mills and the service she provides through her company, Ear Sense. Careful examination of my ears using easy to follow technology and a sensible approach to her recommended treatment.  I shall continue to use Ear Sense on a regular basis."

Ian Upson

25th August 2020

"An incredibly good experience despite being a very nervous patient. A combination of Catherine’s extensive knowledge and experience meant I left with two very clean, happy ears. But the best was Catherine’s genuine care, consideration and patience, replacing a previous bad experience at a different clinic, with a very happy one. I would recommend Earsense to anyone but especially nervous, sensitive people. Thanks again Catherine."

Danielle Whitworth

21st August 2020

"Excellent service. Catherine was brilliant at explaining everything and very professional. Totally Covid secure too. Felt very safe and in good hands....thank you."

Vanessa Snellgrove

7th August 2020

"I found Catherine extremely professional and friendly. I was talked through the procedure first so I knew what to expect. It was a success and I can now hear properly again! I highly recommend her clinic."


Katherine Rudge

4th August 2020 

"Outstanding care from Catherine. I was recommended to visit her practice as I felt my hearing had deteriorated. Having not had my ears examined for over 15 years and really did not know what to expect. Catherine explained everything carefully, simply and gave me very valuable advice to follow up on with my GP.
I am an anxious person, however I need not have worried in the slightest. Catherine was highly professional, knowledgeable and most deserving of her 5 star reviews.
Being very OCD, I was thrilled with the level of cleanliness and the particular standards displayed by Catherine. Very attentive to the guidelines required by Covid 19.
Thank you SO much, will be in touch in the future."

Liese Cossey

30th July 2020 (Covid-19)

"Excellent, friendly and efficient service.  Highly recommend."

Phil Sutton

29th July 2020 (Covid-19)

"Catherine Mills of Ear Sense gives a thoroughly professional service. Time is spent explaining the examination process and with the help of state of the art equipment the patient can gain a full understanding of all aspects of the treatment and its implementation. Ear Sense is highly recommended."

Phil Williamson

28th July 2020

"Very attentive, detailed about the procedure which was not painful and unobtrusive, happily able to hear properly again, thank you Catherine."

Michael Webb

28th July 2020 (Covid-19)

"Very professional and helpful."

Avril Hicks

22nd July 2020 (Covid-19)

"Catherine is my go-to person for ear syringing.  She is caring, considerate, thorough and extremely professional, and you are in very loving hands with her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs professional ear syringing.  You never feel like 'just another patient'.  Thank you Catherine for your 5* service!."

Pam Gregory

6th July 2020 (Covid-19)

"Two days ago I managed to see Catherine for my ears to be syringed. This was my third visit over the years and she is SO professional making sure I was at ease. Well worth it, and you can book online!"

Rob Ford

2nd July 2020 (Covid-19)

"I had a very good experience recently having a hearing assessment with Catherine at the Wessex Clinic.  She is so calm, confident and expert at what she does, it gave me the confidence to relax and enjoy the experience.  Having never had an ear test before I was apprehensive about what might happen, I have to say it was totally painless.  I would recommend Catherine to anyone with an ear problem."

Elizabeth Smith

8th October 2019

"I visited for the first time on recommendation from a family member.  Catherine chatted with me about my problem and explained fully and clearly the procedure for dealing with it.  She gave advice about any ongoing problem and also hearing aid tips.  The treatment was effective and comfortable.  It has made a huge difference to my hearing.

I thoroughly recommend Catherine at Ear Sense."


Christine O'Riley

4th October 2019

"Catherine removed compacted ear wax from both my ears.  She is a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner who spent time assessing what needed to be done.  She then completed the task efficiently with no discomfort to myself.  Her calm and friendly manner is most reassuring."


Vic Chaffey

27th September 2019

"Catherine talked through every stage of the procedure in a very reassuring way, explaining what had been found and exactly what she would need to do.  She also gave suggestions on what to do in the future and told me to contact her for any future help if needed."

Fred Arnold

27th September 2019

"First class, professional and reassuring did the job of clearing my ear wax in both ears. No fuss and prompt. nothing else to say, other than highly recommend."

Mike Bailey

25th August 2019

"Very professional and friendly service, sensibly priced, honest and reliable."

Wayne Fredericks

22nd August 2019

"Catherine is lovely, makes you instantly feel at ease and does a fabulous job.  My ear shall we say was a bit problematical but Catherine has the patience of a saint and got the job done.  Thank you Catherine, I feel so much better."

Sam Morris

18th July 2019

"I was extremely happy with the treatment I received.  The response to my enquiry was prompt and a full explanation of the treatment was given before starting the procedure.  All the ear wax was removed on one appointment and advice was given to avoid the further build-up of wax.  The procedure was carried out in a very relaxed unhurried manner by a very competent and caring person."

Walter Griffiths

18th July 2019

"Sometimes the first visit is a little daunting, not knowing what to expect but I would say I was very truly amazed at the reception I received.  The treatment was first class and explained every step of the way.  I will certainly recommend Ear Sense to all of my friends."

Les Ansell

30th May 2019

"Amazing service.  Came to the house of my elderly friend, had endless patience and genuine care and understanding.  Just so amazing.  Thank you so much for your advice and treatment."

Ruth Bufton

1st April 2019

"Catherine did a great job.  The ears are now clear.  Not painful.  A lovely person."

Alan Curry

26th February 2019

"Brilliant, comfortable and very professional."

Caroline Johnson

26th February 2019

"Amazing non invasive ear wax removal  If I had not seen with my own eyes what was going on I would not have believed it."

Andrea Smith

18th February 2019

"I have had two appointments with Catherine.  The first was to assess my ears and remove a wax build-up and the second to give me a hearing test.  The first was a wonderful relief as I had a really bad wax build-up and Catherine vacuumed out the wax so very gently leaving me feeling able to hear again.  I was particularly impressed with the vacuum method for removing the excess wax.  I have been very anxious and resistant to having them syringed.  I did not feel at all anxious with this approach.  The second meeting I had a hearing test which I found easy and very instructive.  Catherine took a great deal of time to explain to me what was happening in my ears and what my options were.  I so much appreciate this level of care and I will definitely go to see her again if I have any queries at all and just to check that things are working well.  I feel lucky to have found her as I feel I am in such good hands.  I am recommending my friends to her."

Carol Haywood

15th January 2019

"Thanks Catherine for seeing my Dad in the Care Home at such short notice. Removing his ear wax has made a huge difference; enabling him to communicate again."

Peter Jennings

5th December 2018

“I have had ear wax removed before but this was by far my best experience.  Catherine was friendly, informative and professional. The micro-suction was painless and effective and the optional camera and screen allowed me to see both the problem before and the resolution.  Ear Sense will definitely be my first choice in future! Thank you Catherine.”

Sue Friend

9th November 2018

"I am delighted to be able to recommend Ear Sense. I saw Catherine recently for micro suction which, as it turned out, wasn’t necessary so there was no charge! I then had a very thorough hearing test secure in the knowledge that there would be no hard sell as Ear Sense is completely impartial as it doesn’t supply hearing aids.  All in all I found the experience very professional and reassuring with clear advice and explanations throughout. I will definitely return and have already booked other family members in to see Catherine. An all-round excellent service: thank you."

Mr Gavin Gobell, Osteopath

23rd October 2018

​"Such a relief to get my hearing back!  It felt like getting my life back again😊  Very professional and using the latest equipment, Catherine spent all the time necessary to do a thorough wax removal.  I’m so grateful and won’t hesitate to go again.  Reassuring to know that Catherine is there when needed."

Cliff Goodall

20th October 2018

"Catherine has visited Hartwood House on a few occasions now to provide micro suction for some of our residents.  We have had great feedback from everyone she has treated.  Catherine is professional and knowledgeable and we would highly recommend her."

Hartwood House Care Home.  Lyndhurst

19th October 2018

“We were extremely pleased with the conscientious service provided and we look forward to a long relationship.”

Mr & Mrs Pomeroy

28th September 2018

"Cannot recommend Catherine highly enough. The best I have experienced, and I have been to a few!"

Mrs Vanessa Jolly

21st September 2018

"Thank you Catherine!  I can hear again!  Highly recommended!"

Amy Grealish

4th September 2018

“The service provided by Ear Sense during my recent visit was truly exceptional.  With a professional and understanding approach the occasion was both fully successful and a joy.  Many thanks.”

Malcolm Purvis

24th August 2018

“I’ve just had my ears cleaned out by Catherine.  I only needed the right ear cleaned as Catherine assessed what needed doing first rather than “just doing the job”.  She was clear and explained all parts of the process before she started.  She totally eased the process with a supportive and caring manner. Top Rated!”.

Duncan Mills

20th July 2018

"After weeks of trying various oils/syringes etc on my two blocked ears, all to no avail I made an appointment for a home visit.  Catherine was totally professional in explaining what she would do, and kept me informed all the time what she was doing.  Now happy to report both ears cleared of wax and I can actually hear again.  Thoroughly recommend Catherine 100% and thank you".

David Wright

12th April 2018

"After a diving incident earlier in the week I was left with severe ear pain, being a medic I made a likely diagnosis of water trapped behind impacted wax. As I was due to go on a long haul flight and a diving holiday 3 days hence I started searching google.
I left a voicemail and an email for Catherine which was responded to in less than 15 mins and an appointment made for that evening to my home.
After a thorough consultation she set to work.... initially taking a photo of my very impacted canals. 1 hour later I was left with pain free ears and the ability to hear again!!! Result
She has a very professional manner and is extremely gentle. As a service that is no longer offered by the NHS I can’t recommend her enough.
Bring on Cuba......... thank you"

Dr Victoria Manning, GP

11th April 2018

"I can't recommend Catherine enough, she came to my aid last minute when I was very deaf in one ear due to a build up of unsightly wax.  She was very kind and gentle and explained clearly the procedure and talked through the potential causes and how to avoid re-occurrence in the future.  The procedure itself was painless and the blockage is now completely clear.  She has since checked to see I'm feeling ok with no after effects. Catherine is very thorough and professional, if you suffer with your ears please do contact her and get her to sort them out."

Hollie Woodford

11th April 2018

"I was thrilled with the result after Catherine visited me at home for microsuction.  She was very professional, informative and a lovely person."

Pauline Scott

30th March 2018

"Catherine visited me at home for microsuction.  It was so interesting to see inside my own ears with the camera!  It was also a relief to have all that wax taken out.  Catherine was professional, knowledgeable and caring and I would highly recommend her."

Tom Kelleher

19th February 2018

"I would just like to say thank you.  I had all the information that I needed to make an informed decision...and always felt in control but without your considerable knowledge and input this would have been impossible. 

Most of all though I have appreciated your care for me and I have always looked forward to seeing you at my next appointment.

Lesley Wetlesen

25th January 2018

"Catherine has a lovely warm personality and is very caring.  She knows her subject well and I could confidently recommend her.  I looked forward to my appointments with her."

Barbara Doust

23rd January 2018

"From the first time I met Catherine she could not do enough to help me.  A really kind and caring professional.  She was exceptionally knowledgeable and always went the extra mile to advise and answer any questions I had.  I would highly recommend her service.  She truly changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful for that."

Elizabeth Salisbury

18th January 2018

"Catherine was efficient, courteous, considerate and professional....She ensured that I understood everything I was being told ...with patience....this is very important with patients with deafness, but not always the case even with ENT departments surprisingly.  A first class example of the sort of professional we would like all healthcare staff to be."

David Guilfoyle

10th January 2018