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Please see below a list of services offered at Ear Sense

Ear wax removal

Ear wax removal using microsuction is the safest and easiest way to have wax removed from your ears.  There is rarely a need for you to use oil prior to the appointment.  During the procedure a fine low pressure suction device is inserted into the ear to remove the wax.  The procedure is pain free.  Video otoscopy allows you to see your ear on a screen before and after treatment.  

If you wear hearing aids, please bring them with you so that earmoulds and hearing aid filters can be changed if appropriate.

Hearing Aids

Are you struggling with your hearing? 

Whether you currently have hearing aids or are looking to be assessed for the first time, Ear Sense can guide you carefully through this process.  It can be daunting so be reassured that care, time and expertise are exercised at every stage to help you make the best decision for you.  All hearing rehabilitation options are discussed with you including the latest digital hearing aids, NHS hearing aid provision and any onward referrals to ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) can be made if necessary.  A full hearing assessment is conducted to build a 'whole person approach' to determine the best intervention for you.   

£65 for 1 ear or 2

If no wax is found, a £20 'consultation and examination' fee is charged.


Pre-Covid, GP practices were able to see patients to examine their ears.  This is no longer the case.  Given the large numbers of patients now being seen where no wax is found, a consultation fee has now been added.  We aim to remove this charge once GP practices are back to seeing patients more routinely).

Please book a 'Hearing Assessment' appointment to discuss hearing aids.

Hearing Screen

If you feel your hearing is normal but on some occasions worry that perhaps it isn't, you may benefit from a hearing screen.  This is a basic hearing test which gives enough information to determine if you have any degree of hearing loss or not.  It will either provide reassurance that all is well and instill some hearing confidence.  Or it may be the prompt for some further hearing assessment.  If wax is found at this appointment, ear wax removal will be performed and any further hearing tests will need to be re-booked. 


(If wax is found on examination, additional charges will apply)

Hearing Assessment 

If you suspect you have a hearing loss, it may be time to have your hearing checked.  A full hearing assessment with otoscopy and pure tone audiometry (including air and bone conduction) will determine if you have any degree of hearing loss and if any action needs to be taken.  I will be able to advise and offer opinion on solutions to your hearing loss and make onward referrals if necessary.  A full explanation of the results of your hearing assessment will be given along with a report detailing these results.


(If wax is found on examination, additional charges will apply)

Tinnitus Information Session

If you suffer from tinnitus then you will have an understanding of how annoying it is at best and how distressing it is at worst.  At present there is currently no cure for tinnitus.  However a range of therapies can improve your quality of life with tinnitus.  There are many reasons why someone can develop tinnitus so exploring ear and hearing health along with general health can help to find techniques to suit an individuals experience and lifestyle.

A full diagnostic hearing test is performed.  Onward referrals will be made as appropriate. 


(If wax is found on examination, additional charges will apply)

Communication Tactics

If you wear a hearing aid but really struggle with it or are soon to be fitted with a hearing aid and are extremely anxious about this, then an appointment to discuss hearing tactics may benefit you.  In my experience, having a good understanding of the normal hearing pathway coupled with information about your own type and degree of hearing loss can alleviate a number of anxieties and misconceptions about being "deaf" and subsequently wearing a hearing aid.  Some useful information on how to improve your listening along with knowledge of assistive devices that are available to support you, with or without a hearing aid, can give you lots of confidence.  It will also enable you to educate family and friends.  We also discuss which agencies supply equipment, often for free, that may also assist you every day.  Reinstruction on hearing aid use and all the controls along with earmould care and maintenance is offered at this appointment.


Watersports - Surfing and Swim Plugs

If you suffer with ear infections, have grommets or have been told previously that it is advisable to keep your ears dry, then watersport ear plugs may be the solution for you.  They are a safe and effective way of keeping your ears dry and minimising the risk of infection allowing you to swim, surf and bathe as normal. 

Impressions of your ears are taken and manufactured into custom fitting earplugs that are full shell in design, this maximises comfort and protection of your ears.  A range of colours allows you to distinguish right from left and a discrete detachable cord allows for quick location, easy insertion and removal.  

From £89

(If wax is found on examination, additional charges will apply).

Hearing Protection - Work Plugs

Hearing protection is the most consistent solution to safeguarding your hearing against life-changing hearing loss and tinnitus.  Work Plugs are custom made using silicone materials which create an excellent acoustic seal whilst providing comfort that allows them to be worn for long periods of the day. 

In addition special acoustic and venting filters enable the wearer to hear speech at close range and eliminate feeling isolated, all the while protecting important frequency bands of hearing often damaged through excessive exposure to loud sounds.  

All Work Plugs comply with EU Noise at Work Legislation. 

From £129

If you have a large group of staff, why not consider an onsite service, discounts will apply.      

(If wax is found on examination, additional charges will apply).

Hearing Protection - Musicians Ear Plugs

From musicians to singers, DJ's, gig-goers and sound engineers to name a few, protection of your hearing whilst exposed to high volumes of sound each day is paramount.  Musicians ear plugs are not a one size-fits-all solution.  They are tailor made towards the exposure you face.  Custom made silicone full shell moulds use a variety of different filters to help protect your hearing whilst enabling you to hear the sounds you want to hear.

From £149

(If wax is found on examination, additional charges will apply).

Hearing Protection - Bike Ear Plugs

Bike and Wind Noise are a cause of noise induced hearing loss and rider fatigue.  Make yourself safer and more alert using bespoke tailor made 'bike plugs'.  They deliver the ultimate in hearing protection and their ergonomic design provides comfort under your helmet.  Noise reduction features reduce noise damage and tailored filters let you still hear other road users, intercoms, sirens and your bike. 

From £129

(If wax is found on examination, additional charges will apply).

Hearing Protection - Shooting Ear Plugs

Shooting plug technology is advancing and clients now have the option for both passive filters (using the latest 'Hock' filter design) and active filters (digital circuits) in their plugs.  Designs can now suppress or block harmful gunshot noise whilst letting you hear normal conversation and in some cases amplify local sounds to increase awareness of your surroundings.  Custom means they are designed for your ears only.

From £129

(If wax is found on examination, additional charges will apply).

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