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Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss can be a very gradual process and for some people, can go unnoticed.  For others, they may be very aware their hearing is deteriorating but be nervous about taking that first step into the world of hearing aids.  However, leaving hearing loss untreated can have implications for our ability to communicate and feel included in conversations but also for our overall brain health.


If you are struggling with your hearing, it may be time to have your hearing checked. A full hearing assessment includes: otoscopy; pure tone audiometry (including air and bone conduction and masking); and speech tests in quiet and noise. This comprehensive appointment will determine if you have any hearing loss and if any action needs to be taken. A full explanation of the results is given and all hearing rehabilitation options are discussed with you.


We supply the latest digital hearing aid technology and you will have the opportunity to consider these options at your visit. As part of this assessment, your individual hearing needs are talked through to help choose the most appropriate hearing aids to meet those needs. We can also make onward referrals for NHS hearing aid provision and ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) if appropriate. 


Please note, we are not able to offer adjustments to hearing aids that have been fitted elsewhere, this includes NHS and other private practices. In the first instance, you should contact your hearing aid provider directly.

A hearing assessment report is provided.  

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